Brooklyn Terry

Dancer, DJ/Beat Maker, Event Organizer/Promoter, Public Speaker, Commentator.

Terry was born and raised in Brooklyn NYC. Growing and living with the childhood stages and the golden era of hip hop at his doorstep he took in all of the sights and sounds and vibes. At the early age of 15 He began clubbing and giving back to the culture through Dance. He became one of the most well known dancers in the clubs during the Golden era of Hip Hop and House in NYC.  He is the youngest member of the Crew “Elite Force” who are now known for creating the face of Hip Hop dance as we know it today. He went on to work and tour with such acts as Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Missy Elliot, Ricky Martin, Da Brat, Left Eye (of TLC) Just to name a few and now travels the world as a battle judge teacher and mentor to young dancers around the world.
Terry at the age of 14 had already began to Dj just for fun at a friends house who lived in his building. He had always been a bit of a music nerd and even though he did not become a professional DJ until late in his career after he had moved to Tokyo, his knowledge of music and experience in entertainment pushed him quickly to the forefront. First Playing at Street dance events around the world like “Juste debut” in Paris, “Street Dance Kemp” in Czech Republic, Step Ya Game Up NYC and playing at Famous parties In NYC (Funkbox NYC) and Tokyo. He decided to create his own parties in Tokyo. Terry started with his partner, London Musician Aroop Roy to create a party by the name of CULTURE. CULTURE became “THE PARTY TO BE AT” in Tokyo from 2008-2010 when Terry had to go on tour again. After he returned from tour he partnered with DJ Sarasa and began to plan his 2nd party venture in Tokyo “SpeakeasyTYO”. Speakeasy TYO is currently the most popular party in not just Tokyo but in JAPAN. Speakeasy has gone on to have performances by Marley Marl, DJ Scratch, DJ Maseo (of De La Soul), DJ Spinna, DJ Skeme Richards (of Rocksteady Crew) Mark deClive Lowe and more.
Terry has now set himself on the path of a beat maker and crossing the lines from some who dances to the music and Plays the music to someone who creates the music. Debuting his first single “Got TO HAVE THE PAPER” a gritty hard hitting bouncing dance track that is sure to have you rocking.
Terry is consistently raising the bar as a Dancer, Dj and an organizer and feels if you are not raising the bar then you are holding the culture back.